What a crazy month this has been… One day it is -5 out and two days later it’s 50. I spent at least three days this month wondering why I have a horse…because shoveling manure at 6am in -5 degrees out is not fun. Good thing it was 50 a few days later!


Lilly had winter break last week so we decided to go upstate to sled, ski, and ice skate. The day we drove upstate was 50 and rainy so unfortunately we didn’t get to go sledding or ice skating. I have been going upstate for winter week since I was Lilly’s age and this was the first time there was no snow. However, we did get to ski! This was Lilly’s first time skiing. I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure how Lilly was going to react. I put her in ski school for a two hour lesson. I decided to take a lesson myself while Lilly was in ski school since I haven’t skied since before kids. It felt good being back on the slopes and I must admit it was just like getting back on a bike. Although I did go down the green trail first just to make sure I could still ski.



After my lesson was over I decided to go spy on Lilly. I was was shocked to see Lilly going down the bunny slope on her own doing a little pizza wedge. It was so cute! Of course she later threw a tantrum because she didn’t understand how come she couldn’t go down the big slopes with me. But at least I can say she enjoyed it and is looking forward to going again sometime soon. Guess the pressure is on for another ski date sometime before spring!


The last few days have been so nice. It’s actually starting to feel a little spring-like. It’s a bit early to start dreaming about spring but lately I feel like it’s in the air. It was finally in the 50’s and all the snow has melted. Birds are singing and I was so happy to see a few crocus had opened up on my lawn. I am hoping that we have more of this weather in our near future. I want it to warm up a bit so I can get back into a walking routine and get these two girls outside and back to some playgrounds. I guess now it’s time for me to start breaking out the Easter decorations and to start dreaming of Spring.





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