January ?!?



Not really sure what happened to January…not that I’m complaining because I despise the winter months but January has truly flown by. Nora turned 1… Not sure how that happened so fast but we survived! I think the first birthday should really be a party for the mom. A celebration of surviving the first year. Thank God Nora is so darn cute!


We just got home from a week in London. I decided to tag along with Howie when he went to London on business. I made the hard choice to leave Nora behind with my parents for the week and just take Lilly. This was our first trip to Europe where we brought children. I wasn’t really sure what to expect traveling with Lilly on a red eye. Cannot say that was very fun. The one thing that I learned from traveling with a four year old is that you’re not going to get a lot done. I made a mile long list of all the touristy things that I wanted to do with Lilly. We ticked off a few boxes but not as many as I would have liked. Walking with Lilly anywhere took twice as long and triple the amount of stops than if she wasn’t with us. The positive side of this is that you get to see and experience more than if you were rushing around trying to get from place to place. Lilly was super excited to see the Paddington Bear statue! She also had fun visiting Windsor Castle. Her favorite part was the ginormous doll house. Lilly asked if we could buy her one…. A girl can dream! She has always loved playing princess… After this trip and seeing real castles Lilly’s comment to me is “mom I want to be a real princess when I grow up and I want to live here.” Sounds like a plan to me!! Prince George you better watch out, I think you may have an older lady on the prowl!!


Glad to be home and get back in a normal routine. Can’t believe Monday is February. Guess it’s time to start thinking about Valentines Day…. Only 2 weeks!!💗


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