New Year



Happy New Year….. Kinda crazy that it’s 2016. This year went by really fast… Although parts of it went quite slow (like newbornhood).  Hope everyone had a great New Years Eve…Can’t say I made it to midnight but I did manage to sneak away with Howie and go to a friends house for a few drinks and still be home and in bed by 11 (because kids don’t know you were out late and are still up at 5:30AM).


I must say I am probably the only person who is excited that tomorrow is Monday. I’m ready for Lilly to go back to school and to go back to a normal routine. I feel like it has been a week and a half of staying in pjs until noon and eating Christmas cookies for breakfast. Being back into a routine again will be sort of nice.



The weather has been getting cooler so it has started to feel like winter. We took a drive out to Shelter Island just to enjoy the quieter season.  Love going out east and to the Hamptons in the off season. It is so nice not having to deal with crowds. I hope everyone had a great Holiday week and that going back to work tomorrow is as painless as it can possibly be.




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