The Aftermath



I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We are still picking up all of the pieces here… and by pieces I mean Barbie shoes… Calicoe Critters… Legos… and Disney princesses. It was fun watching Lilly and Nora open all their presents and see which ones were their favorite. It was also funny watching Lilly steal her little sisters toys saying “sharing is caring.” Of course if it was the other way around that would be a no go.


It was such a warm day so I decided to take the horse for a nice Christmas ride before dinner and presents with the rest of the family. Then we proceeded to celebrate Christmas with the rest of our families. By the time we got home for the girls bedtime the amount of toys had tripled! So we spent the whole day today opening/assembling/sorting toys. I am still not done. I really feel the need to purge and donate some of the old toys.


Although the weather has been nice and warm I miss the sun. So far we have had the last 4 days with alternating fog/rain/clouds. Although I kinda love the fact that we have had no snow to date and it is the end of December (but don’t tell Lilly that because she is dying to go sledding). Lilly has all next week off of school so now I need to be creative and come up with some fun adventures… Let’s hope the warmer weather keeps on coming!






3 thoughts on “The Aftermath

  1. Merry Christmas Jana (and Happy New Year!) I am delighted to discover your blog and look forward to following along on your gorgeous life. It is all so different from mine on the beaches of Sydney, Australia! Emma (twolittlepirates)

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