The countdown


The countdown to Christmas has begun. And so has the craziness that surrounds it. I swear Lilly has become a totally different child the past few days thanks to the anticipation of Christmas. We have attended Christmas recitals, holiday parties, and ogled holiday decorations. Lilly keeps adding every toy that she sees on TV to her Christmas list. (Thank you commercials – I officially hate you!) Hopefully we are ready for the big day on Friday.


This week is going to be kinda nutty so we tried to take it easy this weekend but we were not too successful at that. Sunday we took a drive out to Sag Harbor to see some friends. There is just something about the Hamptons around Christmas time. It is probably my favorite time of year out there. The summer is kinda crazy…. Christmas time is much quieter and everything is decorated so nicely. We ate at LT Burger right on Main Street in Sag Harbor. Always a great place to have a burger and a shake. Especially an rated “R” shake! And thanks to them Lilly got an orange balloon that has already been the catalyst to at least 3 meltdowns. I will have to make sure I pop it tonight and blame it on Gary, our Elf on the Shelf.


Tomorrow I have guests coming in and staying with me, so I look forward to hanging out with some old friends and possibly going out to a kid-free dinner. Hope everyone is enjoying the last few days before the Big Day! Have a great Christmas everyone!

Plaid dress is Vineyard Vines

my red cape and dress is from JMcLaughlin JMcLaughlin

My hat is from Pinkpineappleshop






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