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This week seemed to take forever. I had a “to do” list that was a mile long and barely made a dent in it. The girls have both been giving me a run for my money. And with it getting dark out by 4:30 I’m ready for bed by around 7! So lately I find myself thinking about the upcoming holidays. Lilly has been belting out Chirstmas songs for at least the past two weeks since she has been practicing for her recital at school. This has me thinking about when it’s ok to start decorating for Christmas. I usually start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. I love to watch the parade on TV then break out all my decorations after a few mimosas and I see Santa riding down 5th ave.  I mean it’s kinda my tradition. But now with two kids (can’t really believe that we will be a family of four this Christmas!) I find myself struggling with when to start to decorate. Going to try and hold out, but no promises.


I must admit that I already broke out the holiday sweaters!


We decided to take a ride with Lilly and Nora to the Children’s Museum of the East End. Then went up to Sag Harbor and had to stop and take a few photos.


If you are ever in East Hampton you have to stop here. LVIS is a second hand shop where you never know what you are going to find. I have gotten myself beautiful sweaters for $10, clothing for the girls for a few bucks, ice skates, wool blankets…. You name it, they have it!


This is the note I am ending on… My two little monkeys fooling around before bed.


Jana- cape J.McLaughlin.Sweater LLbean. Boots Frye

Lilly- Gap

Nora- sweater LLbean. Tutu Gap.


Full fledged fall


As we enter November and leave Halloween behind us (how was Halloween already a week ago?)  we’re thrown into full fledged fall. We spent the weekend trying to get outside as much as possible knowing these days are numbered. Somehow we have been having this perfect fall weather and I am loving it. We took the girls out for a nice stroll through the woods. It was nice just walking around and spending time together out of the house.  image

I got Lilly the cutest fox socks that I decided to break out this weekend. I mean I kinda want to get myself a pair! I sort of have this obsession with foxes. Everytime I see them on something I have to buy it…. It’s sort of a problem!image

Lilly is a total daddy’s girl. She loves the weekends when she gets to hang out with Howie. These two love the water and could spend the whole day exploring, searching for fish or frogs or whatever they can find.


Since the boat has to be out of the water by next weekend we decided to take a little ride up river. One last hurrah until May.


I think Lilly had fun! A bit chilly but a beautiful day!


Not looking forward to the weather getting colder but I am enjoying this beautiful weather and the colorful leaves all around! Enjoy this weather while it lasts!! Soon we will be bundled up with winter coats.

A Perfect Day in … Bellport, New York

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Howie Guja Paddleboarding in Bellport, New York

Howie Guja is a photographer, real estate specialist, and life-on-the-coast aficionado who lives on the South Shore of Eastern Long Island. This fall, he, along with his wife Jana and two young daughters, are sharing their version of a perfect day in the most charming seaside towns near his home.

In Bellport, life revolves around the water—quite literally. “Looping the dock” is a daily ritual for many residents here in this picturesque village located on the South Shore of Eastern Long Island.

bellport-new-york-dock The docks are a focal point for the community, where “looping the dock” is a daily ritual.

I stumbled upon Bellport 10 years ago purely by accident, for the village is located off the beaten path. I immediately knew this was where I wanted to call home. Time appears to stand still here, with residents fiercely protective of Bellport’s history and culture.

bellport-bay-new-york-sailboat A typical sailing scene on Bellport Bay. Fall offers up…

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