weekend randomness


This weekend was a blur…. did we really just have a weekend?! Is tomorrow really Monday? We had a pretty busy weekend between ballet, play dates, and work that needed to get done (on top of all the other fun house stuff like laundry, vacuuming, etc.). We decided that we needed to get out into nature to recharge. Sometimes you just need to take a little walk to clear your head and recharge your battery. I’m a summer girl through and through – however, there is something special about autumn.


Lilly had fun searching for different colored leaves. She also had fun collecting acorns and looking for animals. Of course Lilly had to wear her crown. She wears a crown pretty much daily. She wears it to school, she wears it to the stores, she wears it to the playground, she wears it everywhere! It is kinda cute for now….. I’m just hoping this phase ends before high school.


Both girls left the nature preserve with smile on their face.


Sunday was more work for the adults and more play dates for Lilly. But we found time to finally get around to carve our pumpkins. For the first time Lilly carved her pumpkin by herself. I would say she was proud of herself!

Halloween fever has hit the Guja household. Lilly keep asking if Halloween is tomorrow yet… I told her not yet but we are getting very close. And that leaves me a few more days to go and buy more Halloween candy for trick or treaters since we ate all the candy I bought already! I hope everyone is ready for a sugar driven week that we all have ahead of us.


Shelter Island for the day


Today we all ventured out to Shelter Island for the day to attend an Oktoberfest at the Rams Head Inn. Shelter Island is such a beautiful place to go visit. From the moment you drive your car onto the ferry you feel like your on vacation. The ferry ride is no longer than 5 minutes which is almost too short because it is such an enjoyable ride. We had to stop at many different places to take pictures. It was a bit chilly but a very enjoyable October day.


The houses on Shelter Island are so beautiful you can not pick just one as your favorite. Of course this one always makes me smile. I mean who doesn’t love a pink house!


But don’t get me wrong I would take this house also!

image image

We’re suckers for a cute farm stand. This one was adorable. It even had an old windmill on the farm which you can see right behind Lilly’s head in the picture.

image image

These two certainly had a fun time today !

on me : J. McLaughlin sweater and jeans. Lilly Pulitzer tank. Madewell boots.

on Lilly: LLbean sweater. Jcrew top and pants. Gap vest.

on Nora: LLbean sweater. Ugg boots.

breaking the ice with @janaguja


So I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now but sort of felt like I was just jumping on the band wagon since it seems like everyone and their mother have a blog. Fast forward to being a stay at home mom for the past year so I decided it’s time for a creative outlet. Now my first choice would have been getting back into competitive riding, however, with a baby at home it’s often difficult to find time to shower, let alone time to ride. Life as a stay at home mom is always interesting and I can’t say that it’s ever boring. Lilly (4) has spunk and sass to spare and Nora (8 months) is already starting to have her own opinions along with her own likes and dislikes. Lilly is a girly girl but also loves to get down and dirty (just like her mom). Lilly will be wearing a dress and a tiara to dig for worms. I have always loved clothing and getting dressed up. Now with two girls I get to shop for and dress all three of us. I usually post pictures of myself or of my girls on my Instagram to share our outfits/adventures. I also love to post pictures of the area we live in and of the places we visit. I felt that this would be a good opportunity/place to share a little more information behind the photos that we post. Hope you check back in with us soon!